Block Multifamily Group

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The executive staff of Block Multifamily Group has managed conventionally financed multi-family assets for over thirty years. As each executive cut his/or her teeth in the field, we have a prospective of property management from all directions.

The key to our success is in our value enhancement approach to management of the asset. Be it maximizing the rental rates, to saving dollars on the expense line, our executives and property managers know how these events relate to maximizing the value of the asset.

Each managed asset is thoroughly analyzed as to its position within its submarket. Is the property positioned correctly regarding the scheduled rents? How does it compare? What is the physical condition? What has to be done to achieve maximize rates, leading to maximize value? Is the submarket vibrant?

A physical assessment of each asset is conducted by the VP of Construction and Management. What are the physical issues, what are the best corrective measures and how do these items effect the value and NOI growth of the asset. This department reviews all capital items, insuring the best possible price is achieved. All insurance related claims are reviewed and negotiated by this group.

All of the above are part of the daily mission of BMG. The absolute goal of the management group is - INCREASE THE VALUE OF THE ASSET FOR THE OWNER.