Block Multifamily Group

Property PhotosAcquisition Assistance and Due Diligence

Block Multifamily Group (BMG) will provide acquisition assistance and due diligence for the client. Our site unit by unit inspection, the market survey program, rent roll and cost analysis are part of a comprehensive analysis conducted by our staff.

The BMG Team will focus on areas of income such as maximizing rents, ancillary income collections, and utility charges. In addition, the costs germane to property operations, from a thorough payroll analysis to expenses incurred for replacement items, will be analyzed. Our extensive experience in both property repositioning and renovation enables BMG to quickly ascertain the viability of current property operations as well as facilitating projections for ownership's ongoing investment objectives.

The services include:

  • Analysis of current operations
  • Unit by unit inspections
  • Current market survey
  • Operational financial analysis
  • First year budget projections
  • Lease and file audits
  • LIHTC compliance related issue will be addressed if required