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Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Optimism, hope reign at Kansas City Commercial Real Estate Summit


By: Dan Rafter

Source: https://rejournals.com/optimism-hope-reign-at-kansas-city-commercial-real-estate-summit/


Downtowns across the country have struggled mightily with COVID-19 as many companies continue to push a return to the office deeper into the year. But again, commercial deals are still taking palce in the center of cities, something that the speakers on the Downtown and Suburban Development - Game - Changing Projects panel addressed. At the same time, commercial activity remains strong in suburban areas. Participating in thius panel were ... Aaron Mesmer, Senior Vice President for Development & Acquisitions with Block Real Estate Services; ...

Full Article: https://rejournals.com/optimism-hope-reign-at-kansas-city-commercial-real-estate-summit/

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