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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Historic Kansas City Scrambles To Put A Hold On Plans To Demolish Country Club Plaza Church


By Collison

Full Article: https://www.kcur.org/post/historic-kansas-city-scrambles-put-hold-plans-demolish-country-club-plaza-church#stream/0

Developer Ken Block said the proposed project on the church site far exceeds the height allowed under what’s known as the Plaza Bowl Plan.

The city established the Bowl Plan in the late 1980s. Its goal was to allow taller buildings on the outer edges of the Country Club Plaza while restricting the height of projects in its central core.

“The proposed project is more than three times the height limit allowed in the Midtown/Plaza Area Plan,” Block said.

“It allows for 45 feet, which is about three stories. The developer has proposed 12 stories at over 150 feet in height.

“We hope the City will remain consistent and stand firm, rejecting any wild variances of the Midtown/Plaza Area Plan for properties in the bowl, which has broad support from historians, preservationists, advocates, neighbors, property owners and retailers.”

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