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Thursday, January 19, 2017
KCMO City Council Approves $90 million New Housing Development at 47 Madison on Plaza


The KCMO City Council approved a $90 million new apartment project at 47 Madison on the Plaza. This innovative project will provide 245 apartment units to be constructed by the developer, Block Real Estate Services. This will be a modern apartment unit complete with the amenities that tenants demand these days.

Councilman Scott Taylor, Chair of Planning and Zoning committee said, "This will be one of the most visible and exciting new apartment developments in Kansas City for years to come. We are excited to support this significant $90 million private setor investment in Kansas City with no incentives requested. Ken Block and his team should be commended for working closely with the surrounding Plaza neighborhoods to address their inital concerns."

This passed today 13-0 at 3:00 on Floor 26 in the Council Chambers at KCMO City Hall (414 East 12th Street).

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