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Wednesday, April 9, 2014
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Kansas City, Missouri— Block Real Estate Services, (BRES) employees assisted in the battle against multiple sclerosis by generating a weekly fundraising event in the month of March. The campaign was focused around March Madness and allowed BRES employees to participate in a variety of events while raising money for MS.
BRES launched fundraising for the MS Society with a jeans week pass. The pass allowed BRES employees to wear jeans all week following their donations to the MS Society. The succeeding week, BRES enjoyed a free food day at Noodles and Co. on the Plaza. Noodles and Co. donated all of the food so BRES employees’ donations went directly to the MS Society. Employees also participated in the March Madness NCAA bracket pool and a 50/50 raffle all month long.
Concluding the month long fundraising efforts BRES employees brought in food for a sporting event snack day. During snack day winners of the 50/50 raffle and the three top bracket winners were announced.

Stephen Block, Principal with winner Ken Steen 
(Pictured above: Stephen Block, Principal with winner Ken Steen)
The conviviality surrounding all of the March Madness events rallied everyone into the excitement of being a part of BRES’ support of multiple sclerosis. After a month’s efforts, BRES’ was able to generate over $1200 for the MS Society.
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Paige A. Salveter
Director of Marketing and Communications
Block Real Estate Services, LLC
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